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Enough of seeing my big head! Here are some photos of very sweet people before and after trying the tips on this site.

This is beautiful Aja. The first photo shows what her hair looks like before using the twirling method (or "doodles" as my mom calls them). The second photo shows her after adding lots of a combing conditioner, pinning up her hair, and taking out a manageable section to comb with a Denman.

This shows Aja twirling one of her curls to define it, and what her curl looks like once it's been defined.

This shows Aja after all her curls have been defined. Gorgeous.

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This is stunning Elisabet, who is Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian. She described her hair as "looking like a hot mess" before knowing what to do with her curls besides dry brushing them. This is how her hair looked before...

...and here she is with her beautifully defined curls after using these techniques:

Elisabet shows that anyone with very curly hair can use the techniques, no matter what ethnicity.

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Adorable, gorgeous Marissa, the daughter of Margot (who has the fabulous Euro-Caribbean food blog Coffe and Vanilla , shows how her hair looks before...

...and after using these techniques.

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This is Shannon Luders-Manuel, who has the site Una Mestiza de la Calle Haight , which has an impressive "Hair History" section called "A Biracial Life In Strands". The first two photos show how Shannon's hair looks like dry combing her hair, before trying these techniques, and the last photo is after, showing her pretty ringlets.


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This is Géraldine, who lives in France (how cool is that?). The first photo shows how her hair looks before trying these techniques, and the right photo is of Géraldine's hair after, showing the definition of her beautiful curls.


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This is delightful Eliane Mendes. The first two photos show her hair damaged from chemicals, and before trying these techniques.

Here is Eliane right after cutting off the chemicals and trying these techniques to define her curls. To the right, after her hair has grown out a bit more. Very lovely.

Eliane's hair after it's grown out for a few more months. To the right, a close up of Eliane's pretty ringlets.

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Chi's hair before using the techniques on the site.

Gorgeous Chi after putting her hair into Doodles (like Aja is demonstrating, above). I love her "before" and "after" expressions.

Chi's kapow! curls from the side. She didn't use a curling iron or set her hair in rollers. These are pure Doodles. I can't get over how gorgeous and joyful her glossy curls are.

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This is lovely Mariah. The first two photos shows what her hair looked like before trying these techniques.

After April, her mom, trimmed off her damaged hair, Mariah sets her curls in twists.

This shows Mariah's stunning curls after her twists are taken out.

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This is what adorable Mya's hair looked like before trying these tips, as well as using a conditioner that wasn't working for her hair.

This shows Mya's lovely curls after her mom Jencie used these tips, as well as using one of the recommended combing conditioners.

On the left is sweet little Mya a few months later, showing how much her hair has grown already. On the right is how stunning she is at three.

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Stunning Dominique with her curls that tended to turn into a big fuzzball by the end of the day. Her mom often put her hair back in a ponytail.

Dominique with wet hair after it's been combed with a combing conditioner, then leaving in the conditioner and defining her curls with it.

Dominique's mom, Amber, says now Dominique's curls are much softer and defined, and they are no longer a "big ball of frizz".

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Frances already has amazing coils, but they needed definition. The first photo shows what her hair looked like before trying these techniques. The photo on the right shows Frances in the proces of sectioning her coils before twirling them around her fingers.

This shows the spectacular coils that Frances got after emphasizing her curls. I can't imagine what a head-turner she must be in person when she walks into a room with her curls like this. The photo on the right also shows the multiple textures of hair she has. By emphasizing curls on an individual basis, each curl is allowed to curl in its own way.

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This shows striking Gem (of the interesting blog Rainbow Colored Lens) with her hair before trying these techniques.

This shows the definition in Gem's lovely auburn curls after using these techniques.

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This shows lovely Sonja's hair before she tries these techniques (top left), what her hair looks like when it's being set in twists (gosh I love the photo of her in twists! It makes me smile every time I see this picture), and after (bottom) taking her hair out of the twists. So beautiful!

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Before: Adorable Ashlee's thick waves need weight and definition.

After: Ashlee with wet hair once her mom, Theresa, has combed her hair with conditioner, and her now defined curly waves after they have dried.

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Thank you so much to all these gorgeous and generous women for sharing their photos (and photos of their little ones).


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