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I've been asked to add more hair photos to the site, so I'm putting these on a separate page. This way, anyone tired of seeing my big head on all the other pages can just skip this one. I'll keep adding photos as I get them (and they aren't too embarrassing):
PalmCurls This shows the size of my curls.
This shows the coil size in my individual strands of hair. Hair with pencil
Coils at ends The coils at the ends of my hair weigh the rest of it down.
This shows all the different sizes of curls I have. Simple twist
StrawberryFro This is how my hair looked back in the day.

How My Hair Looks Now:
Me looking thoughtful. Looking Down II
Sheet of Hair This one really shows the texture of my hair.
This is me in a happy skirt I found in a thrift shop in Kentucky about ten years ago. Skirt01177
High Pony tail Good clips to use for High Pony tails
I have my hair in a high ponytail. I did this by flipping my head upside down, and capturing it very close to my scalp in a clip (here I used a three-pronged clip—two of them shown in the photo to the right). I never use a band to put up my hair, because I would need to double it to make it tight enough to keep up my hair—and that causes damage. On the right, I show clips that would be good to use to put your hair up in a high ponytail.

Big Hair

This is what my hair looks like when I finger-comb it by gently pulling my curls open:
A photo of me with big hair. I've found it's best to pull my curls apart to a couple inches from the bottom, and then try to leave the ends alone so they retain their curl. This prevents matting. Big702
Big One Side Big Hair to one side.
Big Hair in a ponytail. BigTailBack
BigTail745 Another picture of Big Hair in a ponytail.
Side view of Big Hair in a ponytail BigTail685
Big Vine Top 665 Big Hair with a side part. Ignore my weird expression.

What My Hair Looks Like With All Conditioner Rinsed Out (and Big):

Photo by Cathy Metschar of BambiniStudio.com

This is a closeup of what my hair looks like without conditioner in it.
This is what my hair looks like without conditioner in it. I wanted really big hair for my engagement photos, so after washing, conditioning, combing and defining it, I rinsed all the conditioner out of my hair. It stayed clumped pretty well considering there was nothing holding it together except for me having defined my curls. It was really fluffy, and it was ready to expand the moment it got windy or humid. For the photos, I gently fingercombed my curls apart. alt="Teri's

Photo by Cathy Metschar of BambiniStudio.com


Photo by Cathy Metschar of BambiniStudio.com

It was a drizzly day as we took the photos. As the session kept going, my hair got bigger and bigger and bigger. Near the end, Jon was having to press my hair down so he could be seen over it.

That night, because it had gotten so big from my fingercombing it (as well as others for the session), and without the protective conditioner, it took about four hours to comb it, but it was worth it.
My Hair In Two-Strand Twists:
My hair in lots of twists. Twist beads
Twists Hat Twists with a hat. Twists are perfect for winter or being on the beach.
Twists with hat and a really big scarf. Twists Hat Scarf

More Photos of My Every Day Hair

SkunkBeads 2293
I'm wearing necklaces of trade beads called "skunk beads" (I’m a huge bead addict).
This is what my hair looks like when I take it out of it's braid in the morning and let it keep the texture of the braid instead of refreshing it with as much water. When I use more water and conditioner to refresh it, it makes my ends curl up tighter, which is my favorite way to wear my hair. Teri's picture
Hair after wind side Hair after wind front
This is what my hair looks like after spending all day walking around on a windy beach at Greys Harbor (the beach is known for being an excellent place for kite flying). These were also taken on the 6th day after washing and combing.

Me in my hillbilly hat. I often walk for hours in the sun, and the hat helps protect my skin and hair. Teri In Hat

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