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Some products work better with our hair than others. Part of the puzzle is just figuring out which ones they are:

What to comb your curls with:

The absolute best thing to comb and set your curls with is a Denman Brush (or a brush like the Denman). They are usually available in beauty supply stores like Sally's (or click on the picture of the brush to buy). They cost more than a regular brush, but are worth it. This is a UK company. If you go to the Denman Site:, it opens to a page that lists where you can find more shops that sell the brush in the US (when you click on the "US visitors Click Here" button at the top left), as well as more purchasing information in the UK.

I recommend using the "Classic Styling" type brushes (such as the D4).

Denman Brush

These come in different colors. Often they are sold with a white or blue handle. Cheap drugstore brushes fall apart.

  • They last for years and years of hard labor
  • The rubber base absorbs much of the pull that comes from combing, so your hair doesn't have to
  • The teeth are perfectly spaced to enhance your natural curls

Avoid any comb or brush with balls on the ends of the teeth. Your hair will tangle in them in no time.


The best things to use when styling your hair are the simplest. Try to get smooth items with few moving parts, and as simple looking as possible. My hair snags on anything, so the big issue is just finding things that it doesn’t catch in. Since our hair is curly, we don’t need lots of little things to hold in strays, we usually need fewer, bigger items just to hold the bulk in place.

Here are some of my favorite items:

Scunci makes some great hair products for curly hair. They can be found in just about every drugstore. Here is the link for more information: www.scunci.com

The best hair pins I have ever found are the three shown in the bottom of this picture. They're called "Magic-Grip Hairpins". They don't catch in my hair, yet hold it very firmly. They come in packs of 10. You can find them at beauty supply stores and at: www.goodhairdays.com

Hair Tools

Ponytail holders This shows a range of great tools to make ponytails with. The clips on the right side of the photo are great for making a high ponytail. The circles on the far right are fabric covered rubber bands that don't have any metal parts to them. They are best only for loose ponytails where you don't need to double them. Often, our curls help hold the band in our hair without needing to double it in our curls. Scunci made the smaller circular hair holder, and the larger circular holder with the handles is by Karina (I got it at a BeautyWorks store at a nearby mall).

I found this wonderful comb at a Washington art fair. Usually my hair is too heavy for me to put up and then wear up for very long. However, after discovering this comb, I can now wear my hair up all day without it pulling or hurting from the weight. It's a large comb, very smooth, and never tangles or catches in my hair. It's pricey, but this comb will last the rest of my life (also the comb comes with lifetime free repairs). If you check out the link www.Simplistic-Designs.com, there are many different styles available, in copper, bronze, or German Silver. They also have instructions for how to do different styles. I feel the price is worth it because it's more like wearing functional. For more about my experience with the comb, and for pictures of my hair in the styles I've been wearing with the comb, you can check out New Hair Tool!

Hair Comb


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