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Here are some of the questions I get asked the most, and what my answers have been. This way you can get your answers immediately, without having to wait on me. And you never know, you might find answers to a few questions you didn't even know you had yet.

*This is still a work in progress. I'm continuing to add many more questions, and we are still ironing out a few quirks. But we wanted to make this available as soon as possible.

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Can there be a moisture overload if we leave in the conditioner?
I don't feel you can have a moisture overload. I mean, if you use too much of a moisturizing product, at some point you might end up with weighted down hair, or limp hair or greasy hair, depending on what you use. But since our curls can get so wild, they need lots of weight to weigh them down (if you are wanting a more defined look).

I would not recommend any of my techniques for someone with straight or even wavy hair, because it will flatten their hair and probably make it look limp and greasy (which they probably would then consider a moisture overload). But for tight curls that tend to be very dry, lots of moisturizing is a good thing.

However, putting lots of hair dressing so our hair is really greasy isn't the answer. I've found that it doesn't define well, doesn't weigh our hair down that well unless you put a ton of it in there, and then it stains things (and for glycerin, evaporates, leaving curls defenseless). And it's not good to have lots of a thick hairdressing on the scalp, either, because that may damage follicles. So in that way, hair could have a moisture overload. But generally, leaving on one of the recommended combing conditioners gives you the control and protection you want, without making it greasy.

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