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Here are some of the questions I get asked the most, and what my answers have been. This way you can get your answers immediately, without having to wait on me. And you never know, you might find answers to a few questions you didn't even know you had yet.

*This is still a work in progress. I'm continuing to add many more questions, and we are still ironing out a few quirks. But we wanted to make this available as soon as possible.

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How can I protect the ends of my twists when I take them out?
You are totally right to be careful when undoing twists because the ends of our hair can tangle up ferociously, especially if you've had the twists in for a week or two. Here are some tips to make it as easy and as tangle-free as possible as you take out your twists:

*Select your first twist to undo and smooth a little water and a combing conditioner over the ends of the hair of that first twist.

*This sounds weird, but hold the ends of the selected twist gently between your fingers in one hand.

*Put one finger between the two sections of the twist with the other hand. Gently move your finger down the twist, between the two sections of hair that are twisted together. All the while, let the ends of your twist spiral between your fingers. This keeps your ends controlled. You can check out the whole process with Brianna's twists, or you can see how I'm doing it in the photos, below.

*When you have nearly reached the bottom of your hair (and your twist is nearly all the way open--except for the bottom), stop, and gently finish opening your twist with both hands. The conditioner will keep it nice and slippery.

Once this twist is done, you can move to the next twist. Once you get the hang of this, it goes pretty fast.

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