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Here are some of the questions I get asked the most, and what my answers have been. This way you can get your answers immediately, without having to wait on me. And you never know, you might find answers to a few questions you didn't even know you had yet.

*This is still a work in progress. I'm continuing to add many more questions, and we are still ironing out a few quirks. But we wanted to make this available as soon as possible.

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I just want to let you know I'm finally learning to love my natural curls.
All of us are beautiful, and our curls are works of art to be treasured. It's so true that it's only by being constantly brainwashed since we were kids into thinking that something is wrong with us while all along all our shades and features are wondrous, just as they are. The fault is in a lazy system that often can't take the time to make products that work with what we have. Instead they too often focus on changing us. The thing is, there is way more money to be made in keeping us unhappy with ourselves so we will keep buying more and more expensive products to "cure" us. I guess there isn't as much money to be made if people are happy as they are, and are at peace with the mirror.

I am so so happy you are discovering how beautiful you and your natural hair is! It makes all the difference in the world! And the funny thing is that the more you know this in your heart, the more the people around you see this too. And when they see how beautiful you are, how you carry yourself, then they will know their own shade of color is beautiful too. It's like your peace becomes a gift of peace and happiness you share with those around you. You are a gift to the world.

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